Review and Discuss the possibility of include best practices on test case generation


a) At this time we use brute force on our algorithm, try to find a way to include Best Practices, like ITIL for example, in a Database that give us some more cases to test - test cases especifically on Best Practices.
b) Investigate the way to include Metrics in Risk Management Across the Software Development Lifecycle depending on test case we are refering to.
c) Include a app tool to measuring and evaluating the using reliability, risk, and test metrics and not only the test coverage.
d) Find a way to implement in evry project that Test Case Generator is used to:
a.1) Define The Most Important Tests (MITs) Method
a.2) Define Fundamental Metrics for Software Testing in the several business process we use the Test Case Generator
a.3) Make a automated revision of all test cases - The Test Inventory
a.4) Include Risk Analysis
a.5) Include Applied Risk Analysis
a.6) Explore and investigate the possiblity of Path Analysis
a.7) Explore and investigate the possiblity of Applied Path Analysis
a.8) After all the data is in a database investigate a way to include Data Analysis Techniques
a.9) Find and investigate with test coverage if there is Test Collateral effects