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Request for ability to use PICT constraints when generating test cases


In PICT models, it is possible to define constraints for the cases which are generated.
i.e. (from the PICT users guide)
IF [File system] = "FAT" THEN [Size] <= 4096;
IF [File system] in {"FAT", "FAT32"} THEN [Compression] = "Off";
This is incredibly helpful when generating test cases where there are various constraints and interdependencies.
For example:
Our products are capable of measuring spectra and waveforms. In both cases we can specify the number of averages but if you want to use averaging with waveforms then you have to enable the tachometer. Thus, an example constraint that we would use with PICT is:
IF [spec/wfm] = "Waveform" AND [averages] <> 1 THEN [tachometer] = "On"
This is just a very basic example... configuring a basic spectrum/waveform measurement on our instruments can involve setting 12 or more parameters and there are several dependencies there (i.e. you can use an accelerometer sensor for Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement measurements but you can't use a displacement sensor for Acceleration or Velocity)
IF [sensor] = "Accelerometer" THEN [units] IN {"Accel", "Vel", "Displ"}
IF [sensor] = "Velocity" THEN [units] IN {"Vel", "Displ"}
IF [sensor] = "Displacement" THEN [units] = "Displ"
For us, we're wanting to generate a number of test cases to try different combinations of settings but the actual number of possible results (of interest) is very low... either the measurement is successful and the values measured are correct, or it fails.


olegko wrote Apr 17, 2008 at 7:33 PM

This feature will be very useful for models with numerous parameters, when calculation of all possible situation take too much time. So, I propose to change the issue severity to "Major".

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rameshramani wrote Feb 4, 2011 at 12:09 PM

I think we should also implement the option of [col1]<>[col2] to avoid duplicate values between 2 fields when i provide this option, I get error message.

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